Buying for Her

Gossard Lingerie Gift Bag - The Perfect Gift for WomenYou want to buy something for her, but unsure about what to buy. Chocolates are gone in a second, flowers don’t last long and holidays away may be slightly out of your budget! Lingerie is the perfect gift that just keeps giving. Here are a few things to consider...

When looking for a bra, think about what occasion she’ll wear it for. If it's an everyday bra then look for sleeker fabrics that will give a smooth outline (that goes for briefs as well). If it’s something for a special occasion, look for lingerie with added details such as ruffles or bows and fabrics like lace.

Most importantly, when buying for her, think about what she would wear and feel sexy in.

Sizing her up ...


The best way to find her size is to ask. But where's the fun in that?!

... the next best option is to enter the realms of her underwear drawer! Try to look for the lingerie that she's recently worn as her underwear size will likely change over time.

Check the labels for her bra size (a number and a letter combination e.g. 32C). Gossard Bras are available from an A to a I cup and in back sizes 30" to 44" (depending on the style and collection) with briefs ranging from size 4-6 (XS) to 16-18 (XXXL).

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If you know she's self-conscious about her bum, don't buy her a thong; she'll probably never wear it. If she's more comfortable in briefs or shorts, then buy those instead. Just think about what she should want and what she would wear.


   Her Clothing Size 4-6 6-8 8-10 10-12 12-14
   Gossard Knicker Size XS S M L XL

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Skin Tones

One of the main things to consider when picking out a good colour is if she usually wears colours like the one you have in mind. If it's a colour you haven't seen her wearing she probably won't wear it!

Lighter skin tones: Best to stick to darker shades like jade/teal, purple/berry and platinum.

Medium skin tones: Take your pick! ... but avoid golden undertones such as browns and oranges.

Darker skin tones: Contrasting colours are great for her skin tone so choose colours like white, purple/berry and platinum.